Visibility Insight Management Optimisation

The Internet of Things opens up opportunities for organisations to gather intelligence about how current business processes make use of resources, gain insight into how to improve efficiency and apply automation and controls to create an environment where business processes can evolve to be more effective. Innovation, smart devices and hyper connectivity create many new ways to exploit technology, but in every case there must be a business imperative to justify investment. How does it drive growth, make more effective use of resources or mitigate risks?

Operational Efficiency

Can you gather large volumes of different types of data in real time to accurately understand what is happening in business processes? What are the worst performing parts of the business and how could they be improved with best practice from the more efficient parts? Accurate and real time access to an increasing diversity of information delivers insights to build more efficient and effective business processes.

Predictive Maintenance

How close are systems to failure? Is it better to check them periodically over time or after so many usage cycles? Why do some things need more maintenance than others? What is the impact of unanticipated failure? Just in time maintenance based on precise data avoids wasteful early replacement of components, unnecessary journeys for simple 'checks' and the consequences of unexpected failure. Make decisions based on accurate and current information, not assumptions from guesswork.


What are the most important policies and are we meeting them? Do we have the detailed intelligence that will feed auditors with the required insight? Need to validate that regulations or directives have been met? Manual and often error prone exercises to check and validate can be effectively replaced by automated monitoring.

"EcoSteer connects the Internet of Things with the Business of Applications."


Smart Scalable Effective Efficient

An open network of connected smart devices - the internet of things - could do almost anything, but while there are many fanciful ideas of what might be done at some point in the future, there are many practical and pragmatic applications that the IoT can deliver today.

Smart Cities

Integrating various elements of the complex urban environment is a huge challenge, but there are many aspects that would benefit the individuals living and working there; easing travel flows and congestion, effective management of precious natural resources such as water, dealing with the logistics required to feed, heat and supply a modern metropolis.

Energy Management

Resources like energy are becoming more precious and unexpected usage variation can highlight other issues. Energy use needs to be collected in real-time to provide immediate intelligence into how business assets and resources are performing, so that the organisation is responsive to changes or problems. Rather than being a simplistic view of the overall usage, data gathering needs to reach across the entire organisation and delve into details, with a capability to pinpoint specific usage in critical areas.

Environmental Monitoring

As well as resources managed and supplied by the organisation, business operations are influenced both by the external environment and by internal working conditions. Fluctuations in temperature can indicate problems with machinery, or affect critical equipment as well as the workforce. Variations in luminosity, temperature, ventilation affect energy consumption, as well as energy production from renewable resources.

"EcoSteer provides the key building blocks for large-scale business solutions."


Reach Reliability Relentless Relevant

Insights gleaned from Big Data depend on information being fed from every available source. Continuity of data flow is paramount, gaps in data or loss in connectivity will impact its value. Organisations need to be able to make sense of data within the context of their business environment. These are the capabilities that EcoSteer delivers.

Smart Edge Gateway - Feeder

Instances of the EcoSteer smart data feeder software running on any type of low powered or industrial PC at the edge of the network isolate applications and the wider network from having to deal with the complexities of proprietary protocols, polling legacy devices or sensors and hardware dependencies. At the same time the EcoSteer feeder delivers a pushed and managed flow of live data which is efficiently packaged and delivered across the network, using patent pending technology to ensure high volumes of relentless data traffic remain unaffected by any temporary glitches in communication.

Data Aggregation - Server

Data gathered from potentially large numbers of locations and sensors can be structured in a hierarchy that matches the business need, intelligently aggregated as it arrives and then stored in an open manner in any relational database, where it can be accessed to generate live dashboards or reports. Real time in-memory aggregation dramatically decreases the impact of Big Data on database resources, with no loss of resolution.

"EcoSteer understands the need to break down silos and build open systems."


Capabilities Expertise Industry Skills Knowledge

EcoSteer is an IoT software company with a technology that offers a reliable way to capture continuous data flows from huge numbers of devices and locations by exploiting smart edge gateways and the cloud to provide a massively scalable architecture. This real-time, varied and vast array of data can be delivered simultaneously into many different types of applications. EcoSteer's commercial model is built on working with a diverse range of partners, both to augment the underlying technology with further specialised technical skills, but also market expertise to address industry needs in a variety of sectors, from telecoms and utilities to retail and manufacturing.

"EcoSteer works with a broad range of partners who deliver complete solutions."

HP creates new possibilities for technology to have a meaningful impact on people, businesses, governments and society. With the broadest technology portfolio spanning printing, personal systems, software, services and IT infrastructure, HP delivers solutions for customers’ most complex challenges in every region of the world. HP IoT Applications are supported by the HP IoT Platform, a unified framework that provides all the IT Infrastructure and Services needed to support content-rich, innovative applications in energy management, public mobility, street lighting and other critical aspects of urban life. The EcoSteer software platform for Energy Efficiency Management is a key component of the HP IoT Applications portfolio.

Founded in 1983, Advantech is a leader in providing trusted innovative embedded and automation products and solutions. Advantech offers comprehensive system integration, hardware, software, customer-centric design services, and global logistics support; all backed by industry-leading front and back office e-business solutions. Advantech has always been an innovator in the development and manufacture of high-quality, high-performance computing platforms. We cooperate closely with our partners to help provide complete solutions for a wide array of applications across a diverse range of industries. To realize our corporate vision of Enabling an Intelligent Planet, Advantech will continue collaborating and Partnering for Smart city & IoT Solutions.

EMQTT Enterprise is an open source IoT company that is commited to build the most advanced and scalable MQTT broker in global IoT markets.
EMQTT Enterprise with partners provides commercial support and services for the open source EMQTT project.

R2M Solution is an integrated and multi-disciplinary consulting company that aggressively targets filling the gap between research activities and market implementation. We excel at helping companies grow and acting as an accelerator for bringing technologies and services to the market across the fields of Innovation Management, Engineering, Energy, and ICT/Automation. We invest in opportunities, conduct research, and offer pure engineering, energy services, and ICT consulting services.

Skyresponse is a leading supplier of solutions for distribution and management of alarms and events generated by connected devices. Skyresponse enables IoT connected products and services to deliver a whole new service level with real-time, guaranteed responses to alarms and events. Actions always reach the right people, machines or systems through an advanced cascaded escalation capability. The system provides full traceability through events reported and documented with a real-time audit trail. All services are cloud-based, fully scalable, and globally available through simple APIs.

SOLINTEC : Industrial automation goes ONLINE
Solintec is a sales organization founded in 2003 that provides end to end solutions for industrial automation. As we stand on the brink of the fourth Industrial Revolution, our mission is to understand client needs and to deliver solutions that bring together automation and internet, in collaboration with our technology Partners.

EXITone, a certified Energy Services Company (ESCo), is an innovative engineering company that provides high added value services for the management of real estate, health services, energy systems and environmental control. EXITone integrates the technological, legal, financial and commercial aspects of managing complex assets, and offers end-to-end solutions from feasibility and design, through to technical engineering services and project management.

Holsys developed olOne, an Artificial Intelligence software that improves industrial equipment’s functionality by leveraging sensors data flows, for anomaly detection, predictive maintenance and context awareness in sense & respond scenarios

IoThingsWare is a company focused on developing Internet of Things (IoT) products and services, including devices for sensing, actuation, processing and communication. IoThingsWare provides the necessary tools, skills and experience for successful design, development and implementation of innovative and valuable business solutions based around IoT.

On Value is an Advanced IBM Business Partner. Our IT and Business Consulting senior professionals support enterprises in the design and deployment of innovative technology solutions for Asset Management, Health & Safety, Energy Efficiency and Process Management. With the support of well-established templates and methodologies, On Value delivers measurable savings by optimising organisations, processes and energy usage.

Founded in 1989, Didelme Sistemi develops and markets integrated systems for the efficient management of industrial processes and energy usage. Didelme’s key products are Wazee, for the collection and analysis of resource usage data (water, energy, gas etc.) and Simply!Performance, for the collection and analysis of industrial processes data to evaluate Overall Equipment Effectiveness. Both products provide powerful and user friendly Business Intelligence tools, supporting costs and margins control for companies of all sizes.

AIM is a software development company. Its experience in data mash-up to develop decision support systems is witnessed by a range of successful customer oriented projects. AIM supports its clients in data acquisition, linking and management (Open Data, Big Data, IoT, Linked Data) and in the design and deployment of decision systems with efficient operational workflows. AIM’s professional team is capable of managing relationships at all corporate levels and across all enterprise divisions, understanding business needs and requirements and satisfying them through the design & deployment of multichannel solutions.

Maiora Labs is a team of communication and technology professionals with a shared objective: to change Italian business and society, through innovation. In Maiora Labs innovation is a serious commitment. Neither simply slogans nor good intentions, but rather the conviction that, through the internet, it will be possible to establish a worthwhile connection between companies, citizens and institutions to create a positive transformation of society.

Mesh-Net is an innovative technology and product development company with experience in wireless products for many market sectors. Our wireless products fit many requirements with minimal or no modification to the products. Integration into third party hardware and software is very easy as we support industry standard protocols. Mesh-Net also offer product customisation and development services in case the standard features are not fully compatible with your systems.

DEM Spa is a leading designer and manufacturer of RFI noise filters for the household appliance industry. QEED is the electronics division of DEM spa. QEED designs and manufactures interfaces for Industrial and Home Building Automation. The search for new and innovative microprocessors, together with a constant monitoring of market requirements, enable us to continue developing cutting edge solutions for Energy Management.

dc-square is a company based in Southern Germany implementing software solutions for highly scalable applications in the Internet of Things. Our products make it possible to connect thousands of devices over cellular networks with the most efficient bandwidth usage and push technology. We focus on scalability, ease of use and best possible integration into customers infrastructure.

Since 2011 New Consult partners with Italian Companies that are focused on ecology and energy efficiency.
New Consult offers a structured approach toward energy and environmental monitoring in several marketplaces such as manufacturing, banking and hospitality.

BSTS provides Value Added Services and Consultancy to TELCO&ICT players and supports them by providing Energy Efficiency Management Solutions. In order to introduce a virtuous control cycle on perfomances and plans for cost reduction, and to implement a continuous, healthy improvement of the way our customers define their Energy Budgets and Forecasts, BSTS proposes Ouvert®, a vertical, flexible, customizable solution for Energy Management and Real-time Monitoring of networks' Efficiency.
Communication, control and flawless adaptation to environmental conditions allow us to tailor the best supply conditions plus the best plans to improve efficiency and thus meet our customers’ expectations.

SaturnPyro is leading provider of Energy Management & Power Quality solutions in Malaysia.

Esiet designs and implements complex solutions in Infrastructure & Hi-Tech (global services; design, implementation and management of technical systems) and IT Value Added Services (IT outsourcing services; system integration; consulting). Esiet has achieved a number of business process and technology certifications: ISO 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 14001:2004, SA 8000:2008, S.O.A, ALBIQUAL, European License Refrigeration technicians; ITIL, PRINCE2, Microsoft, Oracle, RedHat, VMware, Cisco, NetApp, Commscope, Tyco, Corning, Panduit, Siemon, TE-Connectivity, AT&T Cabling System.